Database and Archive

Estuary’s database of artist information and our archive of studio visits not only connect artists to one another and the local communities and conversation that inspire their work, it also acts as a repository of reference for individual researchers and institutions in South Florida and beyond.

At its core, Estuary’s goal is to connect with South Florida-based African Diaspora artists whose practices evince:

  1. Critical perspectives,
  2. Rigorous processes,
  3. Experimentation.

We consider artists working across all areas of Contemporary art including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, illustration, ceramics, sound, photography, film, new media, mixed media, installation, performance, and community-based practices.

We’re looking for artists with sustained practices and whose roots in, commitment to, or engagement with South Florida is evident in and/or salient to their work.

We get to know the artists we include in our database and archive through a series of preliminary conversations. Generally, we reach out to artists whose work we’ve encountered in our travels or about whom we’ve heard interesting things.

We also welcome submissions from artists who find us! To submit your work, send to

  • Bio;
  • Artist statement;
  • CV;
  • .pdf portfolio of 10 to 15 pieces.

Feel free to include a link to your artist website and social media handles relevant to your art practice.